Merin group is one of the leading and fastest growing investment and project development companies, based in Belgrade, Serbia.

Words from CEO

At Merin Group, our philosophy is based on a hands-on approach and constant drive to outperform both ours, our Partners’, and our Clients’ expectations

We strongly believe that the achievement of long-term goals is possible only through full commitment, a high level of professional integrity, and a persistent strive for innovation and self-improvement.

Our business is rooted in our Team’s comprehensive academic and professional experience, as well as know-how gained through projects we developed and managed in various segments of the real estate industry.

We are highly focused on utilizing our resources to identify and carry out the most attractive investment opportunities in the emerging markets of the CEE region.

On behalf of the Merin Group team,
Djura Stanic, CEO

What we do

Project development and Asset management


We provide a full scope of professional services by consolidating expertise and in-depth knowledge and experience of our two independent business branches Project development and Asset management Proprietary investment ventures.

Merin Group is one of the leading and fastest-growing investment and real estate services groups based in Belgrade, Serbia

With its carefully assembled in-house team, Merin Group covers the entire investment cycle, starting from due diligence, all the way to construction and sales, thus integrating the highest standards of the profession and providing the added value that the Merin brand is renowned for.

Our team’s know-how and capabilities are engaged and available for Merin Group’s proprietary investment ventures, but they may be employed by third-party investors as well.


Develop and implement strategies that convert ideas and investment opportunities into highly successful and lucrative projects.

We apply our comprehensive experience and utilize established best practices to bring unique products to the market while mitigating risks and maximizing profits.


Our vision guides all aspects of our operations, as our company continues to achieve sustainable growth and long-term profit generation.

We are determined to continue the growth trend and anchor our place in the CEE market as one of the leading companies in the industry, while carefully nurturing strategic relationships with our partners, and staying open to creating new ones. In doing so, we prioritize keeping Merin Group a positive and inspiring work environment, where our people are motivated to perform at their highest level, and in the process, generate long-term profits for our shareholders.

An ever-evolving success story

Merin Group originated as a boutique real estate service provider to some of the leading general contractors in the Serbian market. The gained experience and know-how enabled us to widen the scope of our business endeavors and enter the real estate market as an equity investor, while capturing lucrative investment opportunities within the region.

Today, Merin Group is a recognized, independent investor, developer and service provider, and a rapidly growing company with one of the largest pipelines in the region.

Whether we are developing proprietary investments or providing real estate services to external clients, our business philosophy is set on forming long-term strategic partnerships, while highlighting process optimization and attention to detail throughout the entire investment cycle.

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